10 Business Development Marketing Ideas to Try in 2017!

Every business, large and small, is looking for innovative new ways to grow their market share through marketing strategies. This is a crucial aspect of strong business development. Whether you’re a small independent business, a franchisor with a few locations, or a budding entrepreneur, here are ten different marketing ideas that you should consider incorporating into your marketing strategy this year.

1. Social Media

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Social Media is an incredibly useful tool, and in 2017, it’s time to start using it correctly. There are various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat that help businesses reach specific demographic groups and more importantly assist them to find those with the psychographic profiles that they’re looking for. Developing a thorough, top-to-bottom social media strategy will enable your business to grow by finding more relevant leads, fostering brand awareness and recognition, and creating pathways to transform those feelings into brand insistence. Furthermore, the use of social media allows for companies to utilize SEO and SMO to provide boosts to their website as well.

2. Use Industry Influencers

Getting in contact with an “Industry Influencer” can be a major boon to a company as well. These influencers create opportunities for cross-promotion, where both of your core followings get the chance to see what the other has to offer. Cross-promotion is a highly advantageous marketing tactic that is low-cost and has many benefits for both small and big businesses.

3. Blogging/Vlogging

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Blogging and Vlogging (video blogging) enable your consumers and core customer base to feel more in touch with the company that they’re doing business with. Whether your firm provides technology solutions like Quickbooks cloud hosting or is simply a family-style restaurant, making your customers feel more aware of your company, and creating this degree of transparency goes a long way to building goodwill among consumers. Consider incorporating a blog into your company website, and using services such as Periscope to broadcast company events to be streamed.

4. Monthly Emails

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Email marketing remains an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers and one that has slowly started to slip through the cracks. Yet successful businesses have learned that toeing the line between spamming customers and providing constant useful information is an incredibly nuanced practice. Providing a monthly newsletter, with information about events, and perhaps even sales promotions can enable you to find a core group of customers who will respond to your brand and be interested in your product offerings.


5. Marketing Research

Conducting marketing research as a small company can be difficult, but there are different options for every business to explore. Whether you want to find out how to improve your current business practices or explore potential growth into new markets, there are low-cost methods to conduct this research yourself. Consider incentivizing survey participation with sales promotion, or finding some loyal customers and their friends to participate in a focus group. Hearing and gaining this feedback will introduce you to alternate perceptions of your business that can help with adjusting your brand, improving logistics, and improving your company.

6. Paid Social Media Promotion

A little bit different than company ran social media pages, networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow businesses to pay to promote their brands onto users’ content feeds. While costs can vary, this can be an excellent way to expand your brand into new target markets. This can be very effective marketing idea for your business development

7. Create Direct Customer Contact

As your business grows, your personal touch points with your clients can diminish over time. And for many businesses, this personal connection can be an incredibly valuable tool in boosting both employee and consumer morale. Consider taking a day off to stay in your place of business, chat with customers, get their perceptions, and thank them for their business. A more personal relationship with your employees can also provide boosts across the board in productivity.

8. Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Guerilla marketing is one place where small businesses can set themselves apart, for very low costs as well. Modern guerrilla marketing utilizes amplified social media promotion to go viral and can incorporate online and in-person connections with customers. Whether you’re thinking of having a city-wide scavenger hunt for geo-tagged prizes, putting quirky advertisements in places people wouldn’t expect, or having your employees bust into a flash mob, these methods stick in people’s heads and make sure that they won’t forget your business.

9. Press Release to Publicity!

press release marketingUtilizing the press and creating a relationship between your company and the media is something that can help amplify success down the line. The easiest way to start is to simply get in contact with your local publications and provide them relevant press releases. Hosting events, such as a charity night or a fundraiser are excellent ways to create stories that the media will want to report and people will want to read. Most importantly, they’ll help you expand the reach of your brand even further.

10. Internet Marketing SEO

internet marketing seo semrun llc It’s 2017, and it’s time to get on board with SEO. Whether you want to implement it as a long-term strategy or simply try out it out to see the results, Search Engine Optimization improves your potential consumers’ ability to find your business online. Whether you’re looking for Little Rock SEO solutions, Arkansas SEO Solutions, or SEO options in any other market, SemRun can help you design a strategy and cater to your individual needs. Utilizing SEO can help give your business the push it needs to reach its next set of goals. Continue growing and            consider incorporating SEO into your marketing strategy.

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