Five Steps to Starting an Excellent SEO Friendly Blog

A blog gives you the freedom to share your thoughts with the world one post at a time. Whether you’re starting a personal or professional blog, it’s a new tool that many people are taking advantage of either for site traffic, personal fulfillment, or online business.

There’s more potential than ever for a simple blog to become a full-fledged online business. Since there’s incredibly low overhead in creating a blog, you’ll see great profits if you’re able to monetize the blog. Whether you’re doing the blog for fun or to create an online business, there are a few steps that should be taken.

Find the blog client that works for you

There are numerous blog clients that will allow you to quickly start a blog and share it with the world. Each has its pros and cons. Some require payment, some don’t. You’ll need to take these pros and cons into account when deciding to start your blog.

The most important factor to consider is the ease you have in navigating and updating your site. If this is to be your personal hobby or online business, you want to feel totally comfortable with the layout and setup. Some also have greater customization than others, so decide your needs when choosing a blog client.

Pick a quality domain name

Not only should the name of your blog reflect what you hope to get across, it should be an SEO friendly title. SEO allows people to find your blog with ease, so having an SEO friendly title is half the battle. It’s important to remember that your domain name will be published on every single page of the site.

First, you’ll have to check around to make sure your domain name isn’t taken. The last thing you want to do is pick just any name because the domain name is absolutely critical to the success of your blog. People need to be able to find you if they’re going to become readers.

Choose a theme that fits your blog

The theme is the template and design that your blog follows. There are numerous types of themes, some are fun and funky, others straight forward and professional. A good theme should catch the eye, while not burying your content.

You’ll need to pick a theme that best suits the feeling you want to give readers who visit your blog. For instance, if you’re a photographer, a very graphical display might be best. If your blog caters to web designers and SEO wizards, a more straight-forward theme may be best.

Write a handful of pillar posts

Your pillar posts will be the backbone of your blog, whether it’s a sports blog or an entire online business. The pillar post is an article that is evergreen, meaning it can be read at any time and still be relevant. It generally teaches the reader about a topic or how to do something.

Pillar posts are important because people that don’t already follow your blog need to be able to visit on a whim and come away with good information. That way, they’ll see your content as valuable and will feel inclined to come back. These need to be well-written and informative.

Update the blog regularly

Updating your blog regularly is absolutely crucial because people will lose interest if you’re sporadic in your updates. Make a point to write new posts at least a few times a week, that way you’ll bring in new readers and keep the interest of ones you have.

If you’re filling your posts with high density, quality, SEO keywords, people will continuously find your site. Make sure you’re writing quality posts, while not waiting until you have something groundbreaking to say before writing an update.

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