How SEO Benefits Your Business- The Best Answer!

Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, has grown into a significant aspect of a business’s internet marketing strategy over the past decade and is imperative in allowing companies to leverage search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. However, a good deal of confusion still exists regarding the basics of SEO and how it can be used to develop advantageous situations in the marketplace. Here at SEMrun LLC, we make it our highest goal and priority to help our customers achieve growth in the SEO field. Today, we’re going to break down the basics of SEO and highlight five of the biggest benefits that it provides to businesses.

How It Works:

how seo works

The roots of SEO began in the early days of the internet during what seems like eons ago compared to today’s the tech world. Back when Windows 95 and 98 were running, search engines such as Google were starting to grow and index information so that individuals could find information on the internet. During these years, businesses that ran web-based platforms realized that they could stuff in keywords to maximize their information indexing potential, and push themselves up the search engine pages to get their content to the front page.

As Google and other companies became aware of growing practice of keyword stuffing (that was often done at spam levels), they made changes and developed new algorithms that punished keyword-stuffers for making their search results more ethical and creating equal conditions for businesses. These changes were a marker of a significant shift towards how we perceive the Internet today: a very individual, personalized experience that caters towards each user through the use of cookies, web history, and location, among other factors. Google Analytics, Google Trends, and the rise of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, all paved the way towards the internet we know today.

And as the 2010s rolled in, further changes to Google’s SEO and keyword policy reshaped the landscape once again. Google began to focus on ranking websites by the quantity of content they produced for their users that was quality and well-made. These changes correlated with the rise of social media and the launch of Google+. Now, the merit of a website was judged by the content it created and the rate at which it was shared.

Today, the major factors that search engines utilize to provide what they deem personalized results are popularity, relevance, and further information that users can provide to create a more catered experience such as location, web history, and cookies. Today’s SEO marketers look to create content-rich websites with clean tags, URLs, and code, in order to maximize the efficiency when search engines pull for results. With this being said, there are a litany of benefits to be reaped from effective SEO marketing. At SEMrun LLC, an SEO company based out of Little Rock, Arkansas, we hope to provide technology solutions that lead to business development with efficient internet marketing via SEO.

The Benefits:

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  1. Mobilizes Your Website
    A company’s website has grown into one of the most important facets of their business. It provides information and content on a 24/7 basis and, today, the majority of customers will interact with it before making a purchase. Search engine optimization mobilizes your website and maximizes its importance by moving your site towards the more relevant search results on search engines. From there, more people will see and reach your website. Your traffic increases, but more importantly, the growth in traffic is efficient and effective as your target market will be searching for and finding your business instead. This increase of personalized traffic creates beneficial situations for businesses and enables increases in sales, revenue, and brand awareness.
  2. Increases Brand Awareness
    Leading on from the previous point, SEO also causes a substantial increase in brand awareness because of consumers being more aware of your company and website. This extension and increase of brand awareness can be fostered into creating a business environment that is extremely customer-service oriented and enables the customers to recognize that your business exists to serve their needs. Furthermore, an increase in brand awareness goes hand in hand with the development of social media networks to foster loyalty and brand insistence for your company’s products and services.
  3. Leverages Social Media
    Going hand in hand with SEO is SMO, also known as Social Media Optimization. With increases in your prominence on search engines, you’ll also see your social media networks grow in popularity which creates the opportunity for a positive feedback loop. If your company can additionally utilize networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to create content that is shared, your company will simultaneously see returns on brand awareness, while also increasing the popularity of your brand and company, which has an even further positive effect on your SEO.
  4. Free (or Unused) Advertising
    Social media and your website also act as a form of free advertising that can be taken advantage of. You are already utilizing these services so you might as well use them to the greatest extent possible. Creating content-rich, shareable, web content for your website and social media networks is the same thing as brick-and-mortar stores utilizing their window displays. You’re working to get your message out to as many people as possible, but with SEO, you’re not just limited to those who stroll down your sidewalk. You can put your “window display” on many streets, and use it to gain beneficial traffic to your business.
  5. Cost-Effective and Great ROI
    Most importantly, SEO has proven time and time again that it provides positive business returns. It is cost efficient and has an excellent return on investment because of its effectiveness and efficiency in promoting your business. The shift towards and importance of SEO is growing larger every day, and the sooner you make the switch, the further ahead you can get from the competition. It gives you both short term and long term gains that will help your business grow itself in a variety of ways.

Overall, SEMrun prides itself on offering great options to help leverage SEO to improve your business. Little Rock’s very own SEO business can help you to find innovative strategies that enable you to maximize your web traffic, harness your social media into sales, and create a big boost to your business as a whole. It is clear that SEO is a marketing tool that should be harnessed, especially today. If you’re not currently utilizing SEO, we hope that you choose SEMrun to help optimize your web content so that we can work together to improve your business results!


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