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Social Media Marketing is an incredibly useful tool for business. It utilizes new channels that were previously unused to create direct interactions with potential consumers. Whether you’re interested in using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or want to use other networks like Snapchat, Pinterest, and Etsy, there are many different tactics and techniques that can be used to promote your brand, find your target market, and improve your reach and market share.

Before getting into any specifics, let’s start with Social Media Marketing as a concept. It falls under the promotional aspect of the marketing mix and allows for all four elements of the promotional mix to be utilized. Social media can effectively be used as an advertisement, a method for sales promotion, a public relations tool, and a way to personally sell to your consumers. But most importantly, it is becoming the promotional tool. Promotion has three primary goals: inform, persuade, and remind. In order to foster positive business development and growth, your social media has to focus on informing, persuading, and reminding your potential customers about your company.
Social media marketing essentially provides channels for you to inform, persuade, and remind consumers about whatever you want; some businesses focus on institutional promotion while others will focus primarily on highlighting events and products. Ideally, a both institutional and product promotion will be the best way to provide a quality mix of information for consumers to understand your company, your brand, and what you have to offer. With the technology solutions that social media brings to your promotional and marketing efforts, let’s take a look at

How each social media platform can be used to best promote your business:

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Facebook is a network that has a lot of features. People can like and follow your page, and you have the ability to post updates, pictures, videos, and events. People can also review your business while you have the opportunity to reply directly to customer feedback and build rapport with your community. Facebook presents a great opportunity to spread institutional messages while also highlighting products through pictures and videos. Furthermore, planning events via Facebook is a great way to build a relationship with the community especially if you do consider hosting charity events and using that to create relationships with your local press and media. The amount you can post on Facebook varies business to business, but posting anywhere from a few times a week to a couple of times a day is appropriate.


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Instagram is a network owned by Facebook that is used to post pictures and videos. One of the important things to note about Instagram is that it is used by a younger demographic compared to Facebook. If you want to specifically target millennial groups, using Instagram can be a great option. When posting on Instagram, the frequency is not a huge priority, but consistency is. If you’re only going to post once a week, that’s fine, but stick to it. Likewise, if you want to post three times a day, make sure that you can keep that rate up.


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Twitter is a network where you can post as often as you want really. Your posts are limited to 140 character messages, and you can also post pictures, videos, and surveys as well. They’re an excellent way to interact with your target market. Twitter is also a much more “open” network, where things are shared easily and have a much higher rate of going viral. If you’re looking to expand to new markets, Twitter is a great way to reach and connect with new consumers.
Social Media Marketing brings a lot of benefits. It allows your company to expand its reach and grow into new markets. It creates a path to connect with your current loyal customers and make them feel appreciated. It enables companies to inform, persuade, and remind consumers about their brand, their business, and their products in an efficient, low-cost manner. But there is one final benefit that social media brings: Social Media Optimization or SMO. Like SEO Internet marketing, social media increases the amount of relevant content a website or company produces and when linked to cross-promote with your site, can boost your business’s web presence. Companies like SemRun LLC, use social media as a way to create SEO solutions for businesses looking for solutions in SEO in Little Rock, in Arkansas, and other markets as well. SemRun prides itself on its ability to create quality content for a variety of social networks that allow these businesses provide strong promotional content while also optimizing their company for future opportunities through search engines results. Overall, Social Media Marketing is a practice that has a great many benefits and when utilized correctly, is instrumental in a business’s success.

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