Improve Your Business With QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud

QuickBooks desktop is a life-saver for many small business owners, accountants and bookkeepers. It saves so much time when it comes to tracking sales, organizing your taxes and taking customer payments.

Some of the great features of QuickBooks Desktop include:

  • Viewing key customer information easily
  • Downloading credit transaction or bank information
  • Accepting credit card payments
  • Easily importing data from other programs

These are just some of the great features of QuickBooks Desktop that make your business run smoothly.


QuickBooks Desktop moves to the next level

There’s now an even faster solution than QuickBooks Desktop – it’s called QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud.

Have you ever been rushing towards an important meeting and needed to check some figures on your cellphone?

Or have you ever been away from your desk or office and needed to check a client payment or another financial issue?

If so, you’ll appreciate all the benefits of the QuickBooks Desktop In The Cloud.

Accessing The Cloud

The Cloud is the world wide web storage system, meaning that anywhere that you have internet access, you can work on your business and accounts.

Your data lives on the Cloud, rather than on a piece of hardware, which gives you great freedom to work from multiple locations.

Imagine accessing your QuickBooks from your tablet in bed, your phone at the airport, or even from abroad? Now, you don’t need to be confined to your desk to take advantage of all the great features the program has to offer.


QuickBooks Desktop In The Cloud

So how does QuickBooks Desktop In The Cloud provide more freedom for you and your business?

Here’s some ways it could take your business to the next level.

  1. Ability to work from anywhere:  Since you’re no longer tied to a desktop PC, the opportunities for working somewhere else become endless. Create your lifestyle and fit your work around it – work from home, on the move, or on vacation! You can use any device to access the Cloud, so as long as you have internet access.
  2. Protection of your files: If you have all of your data on a desktop device, you run the risk of losing some of that data if something happens to your computer. When your data lives in the cloud, it resides on the server of your host, meaning it is regularly backed up.
  3. More secure: If you’ve got your files on the Cloud, they’re less likely to be accessed by hackers and you’re safe in the knowledge that updates and upgrades are taken care of.
  4. Real-time collaboration:  Need to review an invoice with a client? Collaboration is easy in the Cloud. You don’t have to spend time emailing files back and forth, as you can both access the same information at the same time, from wherever you are in the world.
  5. Improved version: You’ll still get access to all the same features as QuickBooks Desktop with QuickBooks Desktop in The Cloud. It works just the same as the full version, with all of the features and functionality. The only difference is, you’re accessing live data in real time.

Improving Your Productivity

To be a nimble and competitive business, it’s important to move with the times and with technology.

If you’re sat at your desk, tied to your computer, you lose the freedom of being able to communicate with your colleagues on a invoice in real time or make an amend to a customer profile whilst on the move.

Keeping your information safe and secure whilst you access it on any device is the must-have for any organization, and QuickBooks Desktop In the Cloud will enable you to have the time and freedom to continue to impress your customers, and make your business a success.

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